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Deuce Manual
384th MP battalion

Duce.JPG (11973 bytes)Fulfilling a lifelong desire and marital threat, Fred recently purchased a 2 1/2 ton M135A2 truck (aka "Deuce and a half" or "Deuce" or "Duce") from the military.  Prior to being sold, the truck was stationed in an Army reserve Military police unit in the Midwest  that specializes in securing enemy prisoners of war.   

 Fred joined the Military Transport  Association (MTA), a bunch of guys who share the hobby of restoring military vehicles.  He is also a member of the MVPA.


The truck was auctioned over the Internet, but was located at Fort Dix, N.J..  After several trips., he decided that this was the one he wanted, and he bid on it.

Here is how it looked when parked on the base:

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P1010151.JPG (465046 bytes)After winning the bid, the big question was, would it start and can it be driven home?  Luckily all worked out and the truck made it in one piece.  Fred and his friend, Randy went down to Fort Dix with two charged batteries and a socket set.  And came home with the Deuce. 


We left it in the front yard overnight just to make sure all of the neighbors saw it.  They did:


For being a 1968 truck, it was in remarkably good shape.  A little non structural rust repair, and a little touch up paint and it was good enough to go.  Later, added a vinyl camo cover, and troop seats.  Changed the filters, patched and welded a few rust holes in the bed and painted the bed interior.  The dog loves to go for a ride, but hasn't learned how to shift yet.


P1010156.JPG (457656 bytes)      DSC02497.JPG (355538 bytes) PA070002.JPG (67422 bytes) PA070001.JPG (75003 bytes)


The truck has been in several parades this year, including driving up Fifth Avenue in New York City on Veterans day, alongside a faux General McArthur waiving from the bed of another "Deuce"

And it has been to numerous club outings.  With some other club vehicles and members:

DSC02553.JPG (367764 bytes) DSC02554.JPG (360128 bytes) DSC02555.JPG (367619 bytes)

After Dan and Fred are done beating it up, he will probably repaint it and remark it with the big star on the door and US Army markings that were typical when the truck entered service.  For right now, they are having too much fun making their own trails through the woods.  No tree is safe in the forest!